Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Desire to create.....

Hello there!
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Today I am going to be doing some really simple background work with Shimmerz new Inklingz.  I adore these stunning little paint pots of Bliss!  They are little pots of solid Shimmery watercolour paint.  These are dry, and you need to squirt water into them to activate them for use.
They go a long way.
They are super shimmery.
They are highly pigmented.
and my-oh-my are they fun!

Here's my finished Page.  You can see all the Inklings in the background.

Here's how I did this.

I began by covering my whole page with Clear Gesso.  This seals the surface, and makes it less absorbant.

I painted my girls face, and drew on her features and hair. 

Then tore up strips of music paper and glued it all onto her hair with gel medium.  Gel medium is a more slick surface than I would like, so I gave the hair another coat of clear gesso.

I let this dry and then added in the pencil lines indicating hair with a Prisma Color Pencil.

The hair was done with Vibez Razzle Dazzle Berry.

I put the Razzle Dazzle Berry in an aqua brush and painted it on in layers.  This is really cool.  It would work best with Coloringz though, as the Vibez has the shimmery bits in it, and that did eventually mess up the flow of the liquid through the brush.  It just washes out, but I had to shake and squeeze a lot more than usual!

Something fun......
I adore Prisma Color Pencils.  Like really love them.
Something interesting and very unexpected happens to them when used on Clear Gesso with the Vibez (and or water)  They behave a little like water colour pencils, and become soluable!  (So cool!)

Next I got out My Inklingz.
I used the Pearl collection.

First I sprayed the background with water, then after activating the Inklingz with water, I loosely brushed the colour on.  I just loaded my brush and dabbed here and there letting the water take the paint where it wanted to.  I kept adding different colours and sprayed more water until the colours had melded together.
You will need to let the water dry before adding layers though, or else the colours blend, and a lot of the time, create a muddy colour, which is not appealing.

Once the layers were mostly dry I loaded the crush again with colour and flicked it to add water splatters.

I just kept at this until I was happy!

Lastly I did some brush lettering and added a quote using India Ink.

So that's all from me today!
Hope you are inspired to go play with your brand new Inklingz...Or
 to head over to the Shimmerz Store and get your own set!

 Thanks for visiting the Blog today!  

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