Sunday, July 20, 2014

A very cool idea......

I recently saw a post Jane Davenport did on something she did to make her little paint pots of watercolour paint easier to use.....See her Idea Here on Pinterest.

It got me to thinking.  I do find it tricky getting so many little paint pots out to use and to keep track of the names of the paints and the correct lids that go with each.....So I decided I would do something similar to stack on my little paint shelves on my wall.  (You may have seen the release of our new Line of paints INKLINGZ!  )

This is just a small portion of the paint wall, but one that shows you the placement of the little watercolour pots. (I love this idea, so I am so happy I saw it on Pinterest!!!)

I knew I needed some alterations to Jane's original idea, to make them fit my storage system, so I hunted about for something to use.  I found a timber strip from a blind we recently removed, that was perfect.  Light weight, just the right width....and best of all I didn't need any man tools.  My Tim Holtz scissors were fine for the job....and a piece of sandpaper I had in my scrapping desk drawer!  

to start with I wanted the colour sticker on the front, so I could see at a glance the colour I was using.  So I peeled it off the bottom of the pot and re-adhered it to the front.
Then I got some Helmar 450 and added glue to the bottom of each pot, pressing them into position, on the wood strip with their lids removed.

I added them to the three wood strips in their colour Collections.
Golds, Pearls and Metals

So now when I want to use them, I can just grab each set by strip and spray the required colours with water ready for use.  They don't need their lids replaced unless I know I wont be using them for a while, and don't want dust in them.  Mine are fairly sheltered though and I don't think these little pots of bliss are going to be left sitting on their lonesome for too long.

I am stoked!
(Thanks Ms Davenport for your very cool idea!!!)

If you have not seen Inklingz yet, head on over to the Shimmerz Store and get yours HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Debbie L Gregory said...

Love this idea, between the new inklingz and already pile of twinks, great idea, plus love your idea of moving sticker names to front of pots. Plus the lids off idea is good because they can sometimes become cemented to the jar if they are closed while pots are wet.