Thursday, June 19, 2014


We are so proud and so happy to share INKLINGZ with you.  This has been a product that has a bit of a story behind it.

Dave and I were approached my Sherry Mendoza at a show that we were at.  She asked if we could create a solid watercolor.  What was so funny, is that we had been talking about creating that very same product.  Sherry's suggestion was confirmation that we needed to get to work, so soon after that show, INKLINGZ were born.   We played around with formulations, and got feedback from our testers. . . . .and we are now, so excited about this product and it's possibilities.

I invite you to watch our introduction video and see how this products works.  I also invite you to watch for some of the MOST amazing artwork from our Design Team and video tutorials from our Ed. Team on how easy this product is to incorporate into your art and craft projects.

Let me introduce you to. . . . . . INKLINGZ!!!

Here is the Pearl Collection. . . .
. . . the Gold Collection. . . .
And. . . .the Metallic Collection. . . .
Now that you've seen all this shimmery goodness.  You can do the hard part and choose which are your favorites.  You can get INKLINGZ here today.       (

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