Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Guest Designer- Alicia Redshaw-Week 4

Hi, my name is Alicia Redshaw and I am excited to be Guest Designing here at the Shimmerz Blog for the month of December.

For this, my fourth post I have created a scrapbook layout using a photograph of Quentin and I at a Ball earlier this year.  As the Marquee gave a pink glow to the photograph on my iPhone I decided to go with a bold pink and purple colour scheme.  When it came to adding leaves behind the flower, I thought what the heck lets add my favourite colour – Aqua.  It sounds a bit sickly, however with the help of my stash of Shimmerz products I made a layout that I am really happy with and helps me forget how bad the photograph colour really is.
The Shimmerz products I have used are:

Vibez – Grape Escape
Colouringz – Pink Stilettos
Shimmerz – Royal Purple, Sugar Plum, Jilted Jade
Dimensionz – Pearly Gates

This is my layout that my hubby (Quentin) loves, and has followed the progress of intently: 

I used the plastic tablecloth again with Vibez Grape Escape to create an almost all-over pattern.  By misting lightly in layers I was able to avoid the mist going under the tablecloth, and get a cleaner design that wasn’t too overpowering. 

I couldn’t resist a few flicks of the Vibez Grape Escape and Coloringz Pink Stilettos for good measure on my background.

I have painted two coats of Shimmerz Royal Purple to accent the Resin butterfly and bring it into line with my colour scheme.

I wanted to give the wood leaf icons texture, which lead to some experimentation that could have gone drastically wrong.  I started with two thickish coats of Dimensionz Pearly Gates painted onto the leaves which I left to dry naturally.  I then coated them with a really thick layer of the Shimmerz Jilted Jade and got out my trusty heat tool.  By overheating the leaves the Shimmerz and Dimensionz puffed up which gave texture once pushed back down – doing this once they leaves have cooled is much better than burnt fingers!  I am really happy with my experiment and will definitely do it again.
To colour the Cotton Cord I used a sponge and the Shimmerz Jilted Jade.  I coated the cord gently twice to get a better coverage.
Some of the stamped designs have been detailed with the Shimmerz Sugar Plum and Royal Purple using a fine paintbrush.  A good quality permanent ink like Memento allows you to paint freely without altering the beautiful tones of the Shimmerz.

Other touches with the Shimmerz are the centre of the flower (Sugar Plum), the edge of the photograph (Jilted Jade), the white metal clock (Sugar Plum) and the “love” word sticker (Jilted Jade).  All of this was just applied with my fingers.

Thank you for stopping by the Shimmerz Blog and checking out my fourth project Guest Designing for December.

Have a wonderful day.

Alicia Redshaw

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