Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dazzlerz & Texturez in my Art Journal!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!
The new products have conquered me ... are fantastic! Last night while palyng with theme, I decided to remember forever their various shades om a page of my Art Journal.


Dazzlerz are smooth and incredibly shimmery. They came in 10 colors super bright and glossy. Dazzlerz can also be applied either with brush or spatula.

Texturez is thick, chunky and loaded with glittered texture. They came in 18 rich, vintage colors. Of course you can use it alone or with other Shimmerz products.

Have a great day with creativity!


Lydell Quin said...

LOVE this Roberta!

Stac said...

BRAVO!!! Great idea!!! Thank you Roberta.