Friday, August 24, 2012

Some More Shimmerz Kicks

A couple of weeks ago, Stacey McElyea showed off a pair of canvas shoes that she altered using Shimmerz paints and my daughter(s) happened to stumble across the post. They immediately went into "please" mode, with full batting of eyes, dimpling of cheeks, and the plea of having something new, something different, since school was starting soon.

SO, I thought I would post a finished shoe, as well as a shoe that hadn't been completed yet so that you could see the before and after effect. :)

What do you need to complete this? I used a fine tipped black Sharpie, as well as a normal black sharpie, black StazOn ink, a few stamps, some stencils, and of COURSE your favorite Shimmerz paints. Using a combination of doodling, stenciling... this is what I came up with.

When the stamps didn't show up quite as dark as I'd hoped, I simply filled them in a bit further with the markers. For my colors here, I used a paintbrush to apply Coloringz in Mon Shari, Pink Stiletto, No Yoking, and Mandarin Mai Tai. In a couple of areas, I wanted a color change effect, so I blended the paints quickly before they dried. In other spots I wanted to the color to be bold, so I let dry after applying.
Here are a couple more side views of the shoes, so that you can see where/how I
 decided to divide up the color...
 After painting, let set overnight, and then seal with a light coat of Mod Podge.
SO CUTE. Stacey, you rock - my daughters are so thrilled to have a custom pair of kicks now that I have finished painting the other shoe! Think of all the possibilities, friends, bags, camera cases, wallets, etc., white canvas is EVERYWHERE!
xx Heidi


Gabbi said...

So pretty. Thanks for the inspiration.

Stac said...

LOVE these tennys!!!! So fun!!! ;)