Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easy use of Shimmerz Paints.....

Today I got out my Shimmerz Paints and used them in the most basic way a paint can be used.  Painted onto an item with a paintbrush to colour it!  I have had these wall plaques for years and years, I think a gift from my Mum, and they have never made it up onto my wall....I decided today to give them a facelift.

First I painted the plaques with Gesso so I had a clean slate to work on.

Then I added Shimmerz Paints to re-colour the sculpture.  I used Green Olive Shimmerz.

I added some shading by dry brushing some Espresso Pearlz

Then I painted the flowers using a selection of colours...
The tulips used Sunny Side Up Pearlz in three layers.
For the background of each plaque I used Penny Pincher Vibez, Just spraying it onto the background and then adding another spray, Heavy Metal Shimmeringz.  I coated the flowers with a good coat of Helmar fixative, to prevent the paint from running, if any of the spray got on the flowers. I also added a touch here and there of Samrock Pearlz to add a moss like feel to the stoney looking background.

The Rose required Royal Red Shimmerz, Pretty in Pink Pearlz, and Teal Shimmerz for the shading
I also added some sparkilicious Enamels in droplets on the petals to look like water.

And the Hydrangea.

I used Blue into Town Pearlz and December sky Blingz, I dry brushed Teal Shimmerz betweeen layers.

All up I was happy with the way they turned out, and I may even pop them out side under the pergola.  I will just give them a coat of spray varnish to protect them and I think they will be fine under cover outside.

So thats my everyday shimmerz play!  Just something I thought i might get done today, to make something in my house get a new lease on life.

Have a look around there might be something in your home you can ressurrect!