Saturday, May 5, 2012

no matter what

It's Naomi and here is the LO I would like to share.

Products used:

Coloringz Mama sings the blue
Spritz Sea Foam
Vibez Sea Monkey
Coloringz Heidi-Ho-Blue
Vibez Hermit the Frog
Coloringz Lime in da coconut

What I did with them is to pour some of each mist into its lid and spread it onto the paper.
These colours work so well together and I have to admit that I love how it turned out.
Coloringz Lime da coconut is still my very favourite colour of all!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Naomi xx


Czekoczyna said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Stac said...

I love how it turned out too. It's beyond wonderful!

Lydell said...

Oh my goodness....this is just lovely Naomi!