Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coloringz Dreaming in color....

Hey there.
I am here with a page I did just today, playing around with Coloringz paints and drips!  So much fun.  I love dripping colour.

These paints have such intense colour, they are delightful to use together....

First I sprayed my chosen Coloringz colour in the middle and held the paper up to direct where I wanted the drips to fall.  Then I dried it with my heat tool.  I used a Fixative spray by Helmar to 'set' the colour, allowing me to spray another color on top and not have the colours bleed together again when re-wet.  I sprayed this on every time I changed colours.

Once I had finished the drips, I got out my Gesso and painted over the now muddy brown centre, where all the colours on top of each other made quite an ugly mess!  
This created a nice clean crisp background for my photo

Then I got out some white flowers and sprayed them with all the same Coloringz colours I used for the drips.

I then added all my little elements and stamped details.  

Colours I Used...
Pink Stilletto
Heidi Ho Blue
Mama sings the blues
Mon Shari
Ivy league
Lime in da coconut
No Yolking
My bleeding heart
Mandarin Mai Tai
Tropical Tanline

If you dont have a range of Coloringz....you just may need some!

Thanks for visiting today.

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Stac said...

EEEP! This LO and all the colors create such a happy effect! Love it!!