Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring in the air

Hi there, its Roberta with you today and I have a new project to share! 

Spring is here, at least in Italy, and I altered these three mini canvas to celebrate its arrival.

I covered the canvas with gesso and before it was dry I dropped the colors: with the help of palette knife I spreaded the colors on the background.

I created this canvas using the following Shimmerz products:

Samrock Pearlz
Peas Be Mine Pearlz
Gree with Envy Pearlz
Blue By U Pearlz
Jilted Jade Shimmerz

Have a great day with creativity!


Maria said...

wow!!!! Great project! I love so much all these colors and combinations! I am new to shimmerz and I have a question:
what is the difference between all these products? I mean, there are shimmerz, coloringz, vibez, pearlz, blingz, spritz, etc...what are the differences between all them???

Gio said...

Such a lovely triptich, Roberta! So colurful and springy!

Stac said...

Shimmerz, Blingz and Pearlz are all paints. Shimmerz and Blingz are iridescent (Blingz are super shimmery). Pearlz are creamy, thick and pearlescent.
Vibez, Spritz, Coloringz and Shimmeringz are all sprayable paints. Colorings are very vibrant and have no shimmer. Vibez and vibrant in color, but offer a two toned effect due to the color of shimmerz in them.
Enamelz are super thick, super shimmery embossing powders.
Hope this helps. :) Feel free to email me if you have further questions.

Stac said...

Roberta once again . . . .you have created the most gorgeous art work. So love the colors you used! Thanks so much!!!

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Stacey, thank you sooooo much!!!
I felt in love first sight with these paints but I don't know yet how to use them.
I watch videos, tutorials and hope to learn soon! Can't wait to keep in hands my first shimmerz!