Saturday, February 25, 2012

New look!

A while ago I bought dressform. It was a little anonymous, and now I finally found the right inspiration to turn it into a unique and original one.

With the help of Shimmerz, Caramel, Tickle Me Turquoise and Acqua Marine, I coloured the body of the dressform trying to get mixed effect.  

The skirt is made of many strips of papaer sprayed with Egg Nogging Vibez to make them as shyni as possible. Now my dressform has a new look and is ready for a big dance.

Have a great day with creativity.


Linda Pekrul said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Gio said...

Simply gorgeous!

Lydell said...

How cool Roberta! Looks amazing now!!!

Stac said...

I knew the minute that I saw this post that it had to be from the artistic genius of Roberta. OUTSTANDING!!!