Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Masked and Oiled with Shimmerz

I love creating art journals, and as many of you know, I have a major love of hot air balloons. Reoccurring in various projects, I truly try to find unique ways of incorporating them into my projects. Creating custom art journal pages is a really fun way to do this. For the pages that I have made below, I primed my surface using gesso first and then I layered, and layered, AND LAYERED on the color using hot air balloon masks that I made myself. :) I then used distress stamps, StazOn ink and oil pastels to blend and add more artsy effects.

For this page I used Coloringz in No Yoking, Lime in Da Coconut, and My Bleeding Heart, and Vibez in Jeni B Bleu and Hot Fudge.
 For this second page, I used Coloringz in Lime in Da Coconut, and No Yoking, and Vibez in Sea Monkey.

 This page is a combination of Coloringz in Mon Shari, No Yoking, and My Bleeding Heart, and then I also added a bit of Coloringz in Pink Stiletto, and Spritz in Mango Madness.

 For the final page that I worked on this week... I went a little bit more crazy with the pinks and purples! Letting each layer dry before adding another color, I used tons of Coloringz in Pink Stiletto and Mon Shari to create the intense hue and then topped it with My Bleeding Heart. I used Vibez in Sea Monke around the edges of the balloons before adding in my black oil pastel. 

Again I used lots of distressing techniques like a sea sponge to create black flecks, and a stamp to create the grid... but the key was to layer bits of paper on as I went, and top each layer with a mask and of course, tons of Shimmerz!!!
xx Heidi


Lydell said...

Loved these Heidi!

Stac said...

These are just amazing!!!