Sunday, May 16, 2010

A fluttering curtain

New Pearlz in 11 fantastic colors ... they all are very beautiful. Why do not use them all together?

I cut the butterflies and the flowers from the canvas. Then I embossed them with Utee clear. I used the new Pearlz with a brush and I colored the butterflies and the flowers using all the 11 colors.

New colors match very well: Papa Purple with Blue Into Town, Sunny Side Up with Carrot Top, Green with Envy with Samrock ...... and much much more. We have fun finding the different color combinations and we discover the brightness and brillance of the new Pearlz.


Lori Renn said...

Wow, Roberta, this is so lovely!

Gio said...

Love this project of home-decor!

kanishk said...

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