Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blingz on Wearables

 You know those really big beautiful Prima flowers?

Yeah, ones like those. I have serious issues using those flowers on layouts that will be shoved into an album almost never to be seen again. They are so pretty and so expensive, I just can't justify it.

So, I came up with a brilliant plan. I glitter them up using Shimmerz Blingz in Pixie Dust (clear colored) or Gold Glimmer (gold colored), glue a safety pin to the back, (I've used tacky glue, but E6000 would be better. And I suppose you could use a better pin designed for this purpose too) and pin them to a cute hat. (Target has a bunch of very cute hats for very cheapy.) Then I walk around town looking so stylish. (You can see the Shimmer on the flower pictured above. Gorgeous!)

Happy Shimmering!

Bethany Kartchner


Jocelyn said...

Oh so pretty!!!! Love what you did!!!

Roberta said...

Wow this is really beautiful.

Ciao ciao

Lori Renn said...

Great idea! I love those flowers too!

Stacy Cohen said...

Very pretty! Great idea, Bethany!

T.A.M. said...

I buy the flowers but like you, hate to hide them away in a book. I will totally do this and will have to make some for gifts great idea!thanks!

LG said...


Stac said...

GREAT idea!!! They are so pretty.