Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wonderful Surprises!

I decided to have some fun with some projects that had a lot of great colors added to them thanks to my Shimmerz paints! The first thing that I want to share with you today is a layout I made using the March kit from Scrap for a Cure. I went ahead and used a felt flower from the Dollar Store as a mask and sprayed onto the paper with my Shimmerz Spritz in Bed of Roses. I also went ahead and with the felt sticker from American Crafts, I first sprayed it with my Shimmerz Spritz in Tuscan Sun, waited for it to dry and then painted the center first with Theresa Collins Shimmerz Pearlz in Pearl, let it dry and then gave it a final coat with Shimmerz Blingz in Poinsettia Pink. I sprayed the title letters both Shimmerz Spritz Olive Branch and then Shimmerz Vibez in Rolling in the Hay. Here is the layout I created:

I have found that I really like mixing colors together with my Shimmerz and the results are always fun and fresh. Here are some close ups for your viewing pleasure. Here you can see the Shimmerz Pearlz mixed with the Shimmerz Blingz. You can also see the subtleness of the Shimmerz Spritz on the yellow felt flower.

I loved the look of what some of our other design team members did with the bigger spots on their paper, and so I created this effect with the mask I sprayed onto the paper. It is really a great way to add some extra texture to your projects!
In this next project, I bought a paper mache mask probably a good two years ago, but never really knew what to do with it. As I was going through some of the things in my scrap room recently, I came across this mask again, and I KNEW what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to make it and color it with my Shimmerz Paints. This took a little longer to do, but I LOVE the shimmery results I got from it.
Now, as you can see the color of this turned out to be a beautiful purple. What I had to do in order to create this color was first spray with my Shimmerz Spritz in Bed of Roses. I let it dry and then sprayed with Shimmerz Spritz in Cotton Candy. The next coat of color was Shimmerz Spritz in Baby's Breath. I then went ahead and sprayed Shimmerz Vibez in Red-Y or Not, Shimmerz Spritz Bed of Roses and Shimmerz Spritz Sapphire and with my fingers I mixed all of the colors together and I got this gorgeous purple color. I let it dry and repeated this step one more time. Just look at how wonderful this shimmerz!

For the flower on the side of the mask, I sprayed it with three colors. The first coat of color was Shimmerz Spritz Olive Branch, followed by Shimmerz Spritz Baby's Breath and the final coat of color was a light spray of Shimmerz Spritz Sapphire. Simply beautiful!
To give the mask a little more playfulness to it, I used some Utee and created the eyelids and then coated the top of the mask with it as well. I also had this playful feathered boa that I have wanted to use for quite some time and mixed it with this to give the mask a little of a eccentric look. Finally, I used some rhinestones to add a little more texture and playfulness to this project. For a first time of making a mask, although it's simple, I think it's a fun and cute project!

So, next time you want to create something a little different, don't be afraid to bring out your Shimmerz paints and mix your colors and have a fun with them! You never know what your results may turn out to be like.

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