Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art Journaling with Shimmerz: Making Backgrounds with Waste Paint

I hate to waste paint especially when it is Shimmerz paints! To use every last drop of Shimmerz, I always keep my art journal near my workspace. When I've finished painting a project, I "clean" my brush by wiping it randomly on a page in my journal. This creates fun backgrounds for my pages. I'd say I do this for about 90% of my art journal pages.

Take a look at my sample page below. If you look at the borders and the green drops, you'll see evidence of Shimmerz brush clean-up as well as drops from Shimmerz paint errors.

I also painted my doodle lion with Mello Yellow, Key Lime and Sky Blue Shimmerz. (His hair is December Sky Blingz.)

You can see the beautiful shimmer in the sunlight.

Next time you're done painting your project, don't just clean off your in the sink, swipe it across a few pages of your art journal (or any paper for that matter!) and use it in your artwork!

Happy Creating!

Bethany Kartchner


Stac said...

Bethany--you're so creative and so is your journal. Wish I could "doodle" like you do. So cute!

Jana Eubank said...

What a great idea! I have yet to explore in an art journal . . . but this makes me want to break one out right now! You're amazing, Bethany!

Roberta said...

Oh wow this is really gorgeous.
Fantastic work.


LG said...

LOVE IT!Very creative!