Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to put the "Shim" in Shimmerz!!!

This month I am the GDT and I wanted to get cranking on working
with a product that not only had I not heard of, but also never
worked with before!
Shimmerz rocked my socks off!!!

I knew that I wanted to stick to what I knew best, creating layouts.
How to figure out to incorporate Shimmerz into my layouts was fun!
I thought I really needed to add the huge "wow" factor...
But as I started creating, I realized that sometimes you have to let the product
do that for you!
So I just created a page that would be pretty normal for me.
This is my husband Dayv. He's such a wonderful guy
and he pretty much is my sunshine!

I got the "Sunny" Shimmerz product out and decided to highlight
what I thought was sunny about Dayv. He makes me happy and I wanted
that to show through this layout.
I used it on the flowers, and also the letters to ensure that
my theme was pretty clear!

For me, I am all about ease. Since I am not a painter by nature, or have paint supplies
laying around I wanted to try to use this product from a scrapper stand point.
Also, to ensure that anyone and everyone could use this product without feeling like
they needed to go out and buy a bunch of supplies.
So I grabbed my trusty Q-tips!
That's right I painted using Q-tips and they worked wonderfully!!!
I made sure that I mixed up the Shimmerz really good and
then dabbed my Q-tip really well.
I wanted to put the Shimmerz on extra thick to help make the scrapping
products stand out!
Using a Q-tip was really good as well because it really soaked in the Shimmerz
so that I didn't have to use a lot of coats.
I let it dry for about 10 minutes while I went on finishing the layout.
After they were dry, I applied them each and completed the layout.

I tell ya, this product is easy! And in my busy world, easy is good!
Not only that I am excited that they have so many fun colors which goes so well
with my personality and style!

Sometimes working with a product you've never worked with doesn't have to be scary.
Or it doesn't have to have the "wow" out of the box factor.
You just create how you know best, and let the product speak for itself.
That's the "wow" in working with products like these!!!

If you haven't tried creating something "sunny" and fun I encourage you to
try out this fun shade of Shimmerz soon!


Danielle said...

Elizabeth - This layout is AMAZING!!!! WOW!!! I am so excited to have you as part of the team for the next couple of months :D
Take Care & Much Love~~

Jana Eubank said...

I LOVE this!!! Gotta get me some "Sunny" now! ;)