Friday, June 26, 2009

Shimmerz, A Frame & An Idea

Every so often, I will come up with an "I have an idea" moment. Occasionally, they do not turn out anything like what I intend *giggle*, and other times, I really like the outcome. This is one of those times. I have had a frame for the last 3 years, that I really did not what to do with it. Since it was a 3-D frame, I never could get the pictures to look right. So, I ended up taking a couple rub-on's and some Royal Red Shimmerz, and turned a frame into something more. I absolutely love the way this turned out, and I have had so many more ideas since.....Like Stacy said "Anything but the kitchen sink"!!! So, here are some pictures of the glass panes, the Shimmerz pane, and the finished project (the photo was a little difficult to take due to the number of glass panes). I hope everyone has a Great weekend!

Supplies: Frame-Target; Rub-on's-EAD Designs; Shimmerz-Royal Red

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Brenda said...

This really turned out awesome!!! So glad I found your blog!!!