Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Friendship cards

I have been trying to increase the amount of "friendship" cards that I have made, and I decided to give some of my older cards some more "punch". I loved the original designs on these, but just felt that they were lacking something, so I decided to add some Shimmerz to them. On this first card, I added the Marigold Shimmerz to the Fleur de Lis and then outlined it with a ZIG writer. I also added some Wintergreen Blingz to my Heidi Swapp ghost heart, which was nice because it still allows for the pattern to show throug which is underneath. Finally, I gave my little birdie rub-on some extra color by using the Marigold Shimmerz for his head and the Wintergreen Blingz for his body. That was all the extra punch it needed. Here is the finished card:Here are some close ups of the Shimmerz and Blingz in detail:

Beautiful shine to it - don't you agree?
For my second card, I used the Marigold Shimmerz once again. I painted my white Prima flower and the Marigold stands out really well on the flower. I also added some sparkle to my ribbon, which originally was shades of green/orange/brown, and with the Marigold being added to it, it made some really nice oranges to the ribbon, including the nice sparkle. Here is this finished card:

And the close up views of the flower and the ribbon:

Such beautiful accents! Have a wonderful day!



LoRi said...

I do that sometimes too! What did we do before Shimmerz? :)

Jenn said...

Sweet card, Deanna!