Saturday, February 17, 2018

'Lovely' Layout | Niki Rowland

Hey there Shimmerz Fans! Niki back with you today sharing a layout and process video creating a bold background. I was inspired by a pink-yellow ombre effect journaling card and thought I'd have a go at re-creating that effect onto a white background.

I started off by painting the bold stripes. I used a wide paintbrush. The yellow is original Shimmerz which is a water colour paint and I could simply dip my brush straight into the pot and paint the stripe. The next colour was the slightly darker yellow/orange which is actually a Vibez Spray - in 'Sunset Strip'. I couldn't fit my wide paintbrush into the bottle so I poured a little bit into a water pot and painted that way. The sprays are very runny so this was more difficult to paint with, however becuase it was so wet it blended really well with the Sunny Shimmerz, which was great for the ombre effect I was going for.

I then moved onto the pinks and I used another original Shimmerz paint for the darker pink and Vibez Pop Art Pink for the lightest one. I then added flicks using coordinating colours over each stripe.

While I was waiting for my stripes to dry I pulled out the word 'Lovely' from a chipboard sheet and had a go at painting that ombre style too. I carefully applied the colours to the word and blended them together to achieve the same ombre effect.

Once my stripes were dry I applied Dazzlerz in Dreamscicle through a stencil onto my background. When everything was dry I behan building up the layers of my layout and embellished using tone on tone embellishments.

To finish off I flicked drops of gold Inklingz in the Miner Miner 49er colour onto my layout.

You can see my process video of this layout below. When you place an order for any Shimmerz products, make sure you pop my name in the comments sections and you will receive a free gift - happy days!

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