Saturday, November 11, 2017

Magical Misted Background | Zinia Amoiridou

Hello artsy friends! It's Zinia here and welcome back to the Shimmerz blog!

Today I'm back with another art journal spread using my favorite Shimmerz products. For this spread I had some fun with some sprays to build a magical background.

When you are using sprays the secret is layering. Letting one layer dry and then adding another will create beautiful variations as well as make the colors more intense.

Once I was happy with my colors, I used a stencil and some light modeling paste to create some texture on my background. I added some leaves and greenery to create the impression of a scene but went over it again with more color to help it blend with the rest of the background. I really wanted to keep everything very subtle and blended.

I created a white border at the top of my spread with drips of paint. I used a bottle of Acri-tonez and diluted it with water to create this drippy ink-like consistency. Since the paint became translucent with the addition of the water, I added a few layers to make sure my drips are opaque.

For my focal point, I used another stencil and some heavy gesso to create a silhouette. Although my background was dry, the ink is still reactive with water so it slightly colored the first layers of gesso. I had to go over it a few times to end up with a crisp white coverage.

My last step was to add some journaling. Since I'm not very confident with my handwriting, instead of scribbling something on my own, I used some beautiful stamp sets by Donna Downey.

Here is a full list of the colors I used on this spread:

  • AcriTonez - 3 Sheets to the wind
  • Creameez - Lapis Dance
  • Coloringz - Heidi Ho Blue
  • Spritz - Ruby
  • Spritz - Sapphire
  • Vibez - Sweet Heart
  • Vibez - Mango Tango

If you want to grab a some of these gorgeous supplies to create your own version of this project or just to expand your Shimmerz collection, make sure to mention my name "Zinia" at the comment section of your order to receive a FREE Shimmerz product!

I really hope you got inspired to use your Shimmerz products in new creative ways. Until next time, happy crafting.

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