Thursday, December 1, 2016

December's Love Letters....

Hello December!

Can you believe it's only 25 days until Christmas?

Today's Love Letters is a December Calendar Project.  Perfect for planners, journals and cards.

I used Shimmerz Paints of course.  I often reach for the watercolour pots.  Aqua Huez are a flat colour, with no sheen, Inklings are a shimmery blend.  I chose bright colours with a mix of these two ranges for the christmas lights.

See the Quick video here......

I used some good quality watercolour paper (Canson) which stands up well to water.

1. Wet the paint pots with clear water to activate the paint
2. Sketch out your design in pencil
3. Dampen the area with the lights with clear water
4. Using a watery mix dab the paints onto the wet light shapes encouraging flow outside the lines
5. Let dry and then add another layer on top staying within the lines this time to define the light shapes
6. Add another layer in neccessary for the depth of colour.
7.  Using a while gel pen add in 'shine lines' on the lights
8.  Using a watery mix of black aquahuez add a shadow to the letters

Visit the Shimmerz Store to see all the gorgeous colors in the many ranges on offer!

Have an Awesome December and enjoy the Christmas season!

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Joyce Kers said...

Wow, just beautiful.