Friday, October 14, 2016

Layout using just two products

Hi everyone! Felicity here today to show you how to create a super cute layout with just 2 Shimmerz products.
Products used: Creameez Great Fruit / Shimmerz Anchors Away 

Sometimes when you discover a new product you don't know what  to do with, you don't want to get to many of that product.
Perhaps because you simply don't have the bank account to support all the things you want. Thus you start a wish list.

When you first start out with a new product i generally start out with just a couple of the product. This layout today,  I used a creameez and a shimmerz. Thats it. No more. Just two.

Look at how pretty it is. You dont need a ton of shimmerz to make things look pretty.

I hope this inspires you just simply try Shimmerz, even if its just one or two products.
Trust me, you wont be sorry.

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