Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Painting and brush lettering.

Hey there!  

I am sharing a page in my Bible today.  
Psalm 139:14 is a lovely verse to remind us of our worth.  

Clear gesso base and washed over with Shimmerz Aqua Huez

I used......
Aqua Huez- Purpilicious, Inter-BLACK-tic, Little boy blue, hottie pink.
Creameez- Ride the Tide, Boogie boardin Blue,

Text with a thin paint brush and inter-black-tic Aqua Huez

           To create this page I mixed Aqua Huez with Gesso.  I will share a video on this next month.

I finished it off with Prisma color Pencils...adding a few details and shadows.

Fun to do and an awesome way to spend some creative downtime!

Have a great day!