Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meet Our Newest Additions!

It's finally February 11th! We've been so excited over here at Shimmerz Paints for you to finally play and create with our 4 newest releases! Here at Shimmerz Paints, we've been hard at work making and perfecting our newest additions to the Shimmerz line of paints. We have even revamped our website,, to make all your shopping easier and more enjoyable with us! We've all waited long enough and here our the 4 newest members of the Shimmerz Paints family along with some beautiful examples from our own Jill Foster!

#1: Meet Aqua Huez! Do you love your Inklingz and Creameez? Then you HAVE to meet 
                                                                    Aqua Huez.

Aqua Huez are flat highly pigmented huez of watercolor paints with NO shimmer added. Aqua Huez will be introduced in 28 colors of every shade.

Jill Foster here shows you how versatile Aqua Huez are in your projects by making them all your own and unique.

Jill shares that she LOVES our newest line with our bold colors, ease of blending and that they're so portable for paints. Which also leads us to our second of new releases!

#2: Wanna know something else about Aqua Huez? You can now 
Chooze Your Huez!
Chooze Your Huez is a crafters dream. You can pick 10 colors from our Aqua Huez line, Inklingz line or Creameez line to create you own pallet of Shimmerz Paints goodness!  With your purchase of a Chooze Your Huez Set, you will also receive a watercolor brush with your set! 

3: We are excited to announce that we have reformulated Shimmerz! Down below you can see how we have the previously formulated Shimmerz compared to how our new formula will appear on all your projects. To celebrate, we are releasing 8 NEW COLORS! All Shimmerz colors will be reformulated and refreshed starting Today!

#4: We are also introducing to you all 4 NEW Tonez sets! 
Celestial Blue, Helio Purple, Rose Gold and Wood Tonez sets. These sets are each sold separately and cannot be mixed with other sets.

 Here, Jill Foster shows us how she uses the "Wood Tonez Set" with her cards to add her own touch.

We cannot wait for you to try our all new paints and products releasing TODAY! Make sure you visit the all new to place your order with Shimmerz Paints! Thanks again for stopping by!

-Shimmerz Paints Team


Astrid Maclean said...

I am super excited about all the new things and the new website looks fantastic! Jill's projects are out of this world and so inspiring!!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

So excited about all the new products! Can't wait to try the new watercolor paints!