Monday, February 15, 2016

Colouring Shimmerz Stakz with New Aqua Huez!

Hello there, Lydell here with you, sharing a Stakz colouring video with you.  As you may know the Stakz were released a while ago now, and some of you might already have some.

I just got mine and spent the day painting them, with my new Aqua Huez and the Choose your Huez set.

Here is the video.

There were some particular things to mention here.

The Stakz hold up very well to water, but they do get wet (obviously LOL)  dont be worried about what they look like if you use watery colour like I tend to, the dicolouring dries invisible, so just work through it. :-)

In the video you can see that I added a grey shadow to the lettering, to stand it off the page a little more and give it a lift.  I just used a very watery consistency of 'Inter-black-tic".  Pick your light source and shade on the opposite side on each letter.  Keep it consistant and it will look great!

To get the watery translucent effect I use a lot, just use a palette and quite a lot of water to a few brush loads of paint.  It's a lovely way to use watercolours and to build up colour rather than straight solid colour from the pot.  There is definately a place for straight colour.  You can see me use it with the Little boy blue and the painted blue squares on the border of the card.

I have had a great time since receiving my Aqua Huez this week.  They are really awesome creamy watercolours and I hope you will give them a try!

See all 28 colours AQUA HUEZ sold Individually HERE.

Catch you next time.

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