Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grapes!  By Yuko

Hello!Friends! Yuko here.

We went grape picking on other day.
It was a lot of fun!!!
Grapes were very sweet and juicy❤

This time it is the work of 6 inches size.
The mount is a card stock.

Using modeling paste has been put out a three-dimensional feeling.
Mist 2 color (COLORLINGZ/Moody Mauve VIBEZ/Grape Escape) where coloring is purple
Pink (VIBEZ Razzle Dazzle Berry) is used only a little.

Dark part offers a looping it this way place to take the brush.

The part of the chip board and background Texturez (Have a Grape Day!) ←  interesting naming ! use.

<shimmerz Products>

・COLORLINGZ/Moody Maouve  
・VIBEZ/Grape Escape
・VIBEZ Razzle Dazzle Berry
・Texturez/Have a Grape Day!

Thank you!

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