Saturday, June 6, 2015

Little boy cards with Felicity

Hello. Felicity here today.

Its a great feeling to be sitting here sharing a Shimmerz post since the birth of my baby girl. I haven't been creativity for quiet a few weeks now, so I am easing myself back into the messy hands and paper and glue... and it feels so good to be creativity and documenting memories.

Today I have a few little boy cards I created using some shimmerz and dazzelerz.

All I simply did for these cards is use a wet brush and splatter lots of shimmerz. It sure makes the card sparkle. After all, who doesn't want sparkle on their birthday.

For this next card, I used a fairly dry brush and ran around the edges of the paper to add a little deptha and then I used a wet brush for more paint splatters!

The last card I used Dazzelerz with a paint splatter to add depth around the edge of the card. I then add more splatters.

I hope you like my cards today.

Products used: Dazzelerz sour apple, Shimmerz Tickle me Turquoise, sunny, key lime

Happy Weekend Xo

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