Thursday, December 12, 2013

A mixed Media Page- Ed Video

Hi there happy Shimmerz People!

I have a video for you today.  A mixed media style Layout.  I had fun with this one.  Nice to get your hands dirty.  I have not done it for a while, so it was very pleasant!

Products Used.....

Vibez-  Egg Noggin, Pop Art Pink
Dimensionz- Streets of Gold, Copperhead
Spritz- Tuscan Sun
Coloringz- No Yolking
Dazzlerz- Spun Sugar
Texturez- Tidy Widy, Gold Mine
Enamelz-Fake Bake

Sit back and watch the video.

Oh just a mention.....The first few minutes, I had a hic-up with the 'video slash toddler', and it seems we were not taping...(Sigh)  So there are some first steps that are missing, but you can see what I was doing with some of the footage following. (The conditions I have to work in....I dont know!  LOL)

Remember if you place an order, remember to mention a Shimmerz Designer's name and get a free paint product.

Also remember our Shimmerz Challenge on Facebook.   Lots of good stuff for the winner, and its a great way to get some projects done, ready for Christmas!!!

Hope your December is flowing smoothly!

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