Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More on Index Cards AND Stamping

I recently joined a postcard swap and had to come up with 10 different designs. Initially I thought uh oh - what did I get myself into. But then, once I started I couldn't stop and in the process, I came up with a new way to use Shimmerz.

All you need is a blank postcard (available in most paper stores) a stamp (preferably at least the size of the postcard) and your favorite shade of shimmerz - I used Blue Jeans here.

Spray the stamp from a distance - then stamp it onto the front of the postcard

This WILL be a little runny but I lvoe that about this effect. You may also notice that the color did not come out blue blue but that's because my stamp previously had black ink and I didn't do a very good job of cleaning it (in fact I didn't clean it at all ; )) BUT again, I love the look so no worries. If you do want it less runny, simply blot the stamp with a paper towel after spraying.
I added a few little details like a rised square and heart shape and there you have it!!

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Stac said...

So Cool!!! Thanks Cathy.