Friday, June 25, 2010

Shimmerz is always on the pages of my Art Journal!

This is a page from my Art Journal dedicated to the moon and the stars.

I brushed Pixie Dust Blingz to create a moon and its lights. I have colored the stars with Sunflower Shimmerz.

A bit of Pixie Dust Blingz, is "finished" on the flowers.

I gave a hint of light at the edges with Marigold Shimmerz.

Here are some pages of my small art journal where I used the Shimmerz products.

Page "That's spring". I used for the background: Aqua Marine, Golden Wheat, Key Lime and Pink Shimmerz.

Page "Zip". I used to color the flowers Flashee Fushia Blingz.

Page "Spontaneità". I used for the drops Marigold Shimmerz.

Page "Silhoutte". I sprayed Jeni B Blue Vibez to create large balls.

Page "Busto". I used for the background: Burgundy, Key Lime and Tickle-Me-Turquoise Shimmerz and Licorice Shimmerz Spritz. For the dressform I sprayed Cotton Candy Shimmerz Spritz.

Page "Foglie". I sprayed Razzle Dazzel Berry Vibez to create the background using the metal leaves as stencils.

I love all the Shimmerz products!

Have a great day with creativity!



Christie Bryant said...

Gasp! These are GORGEOUS! Wow, wow, WOW!

Carrie said...

Wow!!! So artistic ... So creative!!! Stunning!

Stac said...

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Gorgeous!!!

Jill said...


Angela W said...

I love all of your creations, Roberta!