Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shimmerz Spritz, clean and simple!

I'm just THRILLED to be posting here so let me just dive in with some projects I've worked on! The one I've been most excited to use is the new product being released TOMORROW called Shimmerz Spritz! If you can see in the above photo, EVERYTHING about the image Shimmerz! Even the cardstock! I sprayed the Shimmerz onto my cardstock at a good distance (only took about 2 squirts) and then spread it all over with a paper towel. I was just in awe at how it looked!!! Home-made Shimmery cardstock my friends!! :) (I was so ecstatic, I just wanted to take a picture of the shimmery cardstock alone and post it, LOL) Add to the fact that my cardstock dried in mere seconds...because I'm an impatient person, and I was able to stamp immediately! So here's my clean and simple card using the theme, black, white, and a splash of a bold bright.

It really is just striking in person with all that glimmer. :)

And here are a couple of other projects using Shimmerz/Blingz.

I wanted my bee to having blinding-caliber sparkle, so I coupled Shimmerz with some Stickles...how fun! Here's the full card.

And the materials I used for your viewing pleasure here:

One last project incoming....!!

I painted the butterflies, both the stamped image AND the punched ones, with Angel Wings Shimmerz.

Ok, ok that's it I promise!! Thanks for hanging in there if you've made it thus far. :)


Kim Ross said...

I see you've been having fun, Melissa! :) Great projects!

Stac said...

My goodness Melissa. . . are you dreaming shimmery dreams too. All of these cards are great. Good job!

Merry said...

These are great and looks like you are having a wonderful time with these shimmerz spritz