Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Shimmerz

I can not get enough of the new Shimmerz colors, I have been waiting for a great brown for a while, and the Carmel seems to be the one I am always reaching for.

I colored the spots with my copic markers and then went over them with the Carmel Shimmerz. The color of the Shimmerz blends right over top so that you can still see the shading underneath.

I love how the Shimmerz are not overpowering and make for a nice subtle sparkle on the dress. If you havn't seen the new colors yet, run don't walk over to the Shimmerz website and check them out, they are fantastic (and you are going to love the browns *wink*).

Thanks Bunches for stopping by!


Kim Dellow said...

Fabulous card and matching envelope - fantastic. Kim

Linda Albrecht said...

Love those brown glittery dots!

Karen Taylor said...

Look at those dogs!! How cute!