Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tile & Beads

Sure, Shimmerz paints are the best eye-candy there is... bright, vibrant colors with tons of glitz. For me, though, it's the versatility that makes me really need them. They're an absolute ball to play with because they dry on slick (non-porous) surfaces! This means we can go to town with acetate, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.

The first project is a gem of Stacey's. (Stacey is the founder, developer and owner of the Shimmerz operation, so THANKS STACEY!) It started out as a 12" floor tile that she picked up at Home Depot. Using a stippling brush, she added Shimmerz in Buttercream, Candlelight, Green Olive (her favorite), and Pumpkin on the whole tile. The edges were then stippled with Mocha. None of the paint was brushed on, it was all stippled on. After drying, the rub-on was added and the tile was ready for placement on a little art easel or hanging on the wall. Isn't it stunning?

My project is significantly smaller, but the glitz and shine of the Shimmerz packs enough of a punch even for a 12mm glass bead. The first issue I had was how to paint the whole bead at once without it rolling around on the table and ruining the finish. My dad came to the rescue with the suggestion to hold the bead on a toothpick. The "before" bead is on the right:

Then, to complement the Aqua Marine Shimmerz used to paint the beads, they were paired with Light Azore 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone beads and sterling silver findings to make gorgeous earrings!

We'll have big news here soon on where to purchase your very own Shimmerz. In the meantime, let's get those creative juices flowing! Please leave us a comment with your creative ideas on what you'd like to paint with Shimmerz! We'd love to hear them!

Keep on Shimmerin'!


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea to use them on a tile! LOVE the earrings too! Awesome job ladies! :D

LoRi said...

Love the tile. The color combo Stacey used looks great. Way to go, Dad for coming up with the toothpick idea. Such a genius. The Shimmerz on the beads look amazing! You don't have to save those for my birthday Kim! :0)

Holly said...

So cool! My head is swimming with ideas. Chipboard, cardstock, vellum, acetate, brads, even rubber stamps. I would love to try painting a mostly solid stamp with the Shimmerz and stamp that onto cardstock. Wouldn't that be pretty!?!?!?!

I wonder if you can paint ribbon??

Wouldn't this look pretty on some silver hardware? If it dries on a bead, I would think it would dry on metallic hardware, right?

Okay, I'm rambling.... Hahahaha. I love glitter and shimmer, and I'm totally excited! I'd love to know where to purchase these.

V said...

Oh my gosh! I so NEED these! I can just imagine their gorgeous shimmer on transparencies!


~Paula said...

Simply Stunning!

I am a retail / online store and I am having a hard time finding information on how to purchase these.

Amy said...

I have a retail store and would like information on selling Shimmerz. Please point me in the right direction! Thank you!

Missy C said...

Your paints look awesome. Are you planning on being at CHA? If so where? Thanks.

wendyp said...

These are both gorgeous! Love that it works on non porous surfaces. oh, I have a few project ideas in my head already. Can't wait to get some of this!