Monday, July 23, 2018

"Make Magic" Scrapbooking Layout | Simone Schermann

Hello there, it's Simone once again. I recently flipped through my albums and came across some layouts that I had made when I first started scrapbooking. They were horrible, not because of the papers I used but more so because I hadn't found my own scrapbooking voice yet. I had just started out and tried to find out what worked for me and what didn't. Two of the layouts I completely took apart and only saved the photos for quick entries into my traveler's notebook. But the third one was different, the only thing that was wrong with it was the Kraft cardstock that I had used as a background. And even right after the layout was done, I knew exactly that Kraft colored backgrounds just weren't for me.

So I carefully took the layout apart and salvaged all the things that I liked from the original and redid it. This time with patterned paper and my favorite Shimmerz colors and the packaging technique. I colored the wooden alphabet using the Shimmerz "Tickle me Turquoise" to match it to the overall color scheme. And instead of adding it to the bottom of the photo strip, I made sure the letters spelling the word "Kindermuseum" (German for Children's Museum) touched all the different layers and was part of the layout.

I kept the overall look and design idea of the original layout, I just chose to use more of my signature techniques to make it more me. The "make magic" screen print, for example just hovered above the photo strip in the original layout, whereas I love when elements touch an connect and guide you through the layout. The original layout had a vertical strip and a horizontal photo strip layered on top of each other, I still tried to emphasize that vertical space but instead of choosing white cardstock I went with mixed media and less defined lines. If you know me, these are all techniques and conscious design elements I use to make a layout more readable, more appealing to the eye and that make a layout look like me.

To get back to the beginning of this blogpost and me ditching three of my old layouts, did you ever do that? Let me tell you why I scrapbook and then you'll know why I didn't have a problem getting rid of the layouts. I scrapbook to tell a story all the while creating something with my hands, I want the reader to be pulled into the layout and read the journaling. And at the same time I want each layout to feel like this is me. I want the art to reflect my personality so that once my kids go through these albums, they see me, when they read their story. Here is a link to my process video on youtube. If you place an order in the Shimmerz Store, don't forget to mention my name Simone in the comments at checkout to receive a free mini surprise product! Thanks for stopping by today!

Shimmerz - It's Mint to Be, Tickle Me Turquoise
Vibez - Jeni B Blue
Coloringz - Heidi Ho Blue

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