Friday, May 4, 2018

Stamping with Dazzlerz Bible Entry | Nicole Kerr

Happy Friday Y'all!!
Does anyone else really have the spring blues right now besides me?! I'm in a craft and design rut and I'm totally blaming it on the weather! lol! Creating has been a struggle for me lately and nothing seems to get my mojo going. Well, that was until my new Shimmerz Dazzlerz showed up on my door step and FINALLY I wanted to play in all of the bright, cheerful colors!  If you follow me over on Instagram (@colebys1981 just in case you don't :) ), I posted this photo this week of colors I'm currently crushing:

 I just fell in love with this combination and it worked perfectly with inks I had in my stash! This one photo with my favorite colors did it. It broke the cycle of not being creative. I used the like colors together to create a tone on tone stamping effect with the adorable balloon stamps that have been recently released! Here's a look my bible entry I created using this color combination:

 I used my newest FAVORITE Shimmerz color, Peacock's Plume to create the blue background. O-M-G...if you don't have this color in your stash, it is a MUST HAVE! It's absolutely the most beautiful color of turquoise with silver glitter! This photo does it no justice!

I began by randomly applying my blue background. Once dry, I used the two solid hot air balloon stamps from the Lovely Balloons stampz set. I stamped the center, 2 lines, with ink and then the other 3 lined stamp using Dazzlerz! Yep! Dazzlerz! I've never done that before and I'm so glad I tried it! It created this beautiful texture to my balloons when they dried.  The stamps were not hard to clean either! I used a couple baby wipes and it came right off.  I would suggest, however, to clean them right away before the Dazzlers dry. Once my balloons were all dry, I stamped their strings and baskets and added my title! Here are some final close ups:

Here are the links to the products I used:

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Thanks so much for joining me today!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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