Monday, August 28, 2017

Be Filled with Joy Bible Entry with Nicole

Hello Shimmerz Fans!

Today I am taking you inside of my bible to my latest entry! My bible is always where I go when life makes an unexpected turn or when I worry.  Sometimes I just go there when I'm even stuck in a creative rut.  When I read the Word and reflect on what its speaking to me, I'm often inspired. Both of these were the case this week.  I'm in a creative rut. Nothing I looked at or tried to create spoke to me and I was so frustrated because all I wanted to do was paint and escape from every day life, but thoughts were just getting in the way.  Life has been super busy these days between work, home and friends and trying to find a good balance between them all. However, as I reflected and read, this verse really spoke to me. Today's entry is in Job 19:25 and reads "For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth."

Here's a look at my entry:

This chapter talks about how although relatives may fail you, friends may forget you and become strangers, spouses may become distant and children may not understand, He is always there for me and will prevail.  He talks about never loosing hope and at the end of the days of life, He will always be there with you thru the end.  THIS.  This is it. It is not all true in my life right now, but this often happens so much that I really connected with it. And to read and know that no matter what happens in life, He will be there with me to the very end gave me a lot of relief. Enough that I was able to celebrate a moment not only spiritually, but creatively.

I began by prepping my page with clear gesso so it would hold the water from the paint and not bleed thru.  Once that was dry, I added in my banners and my page tab.  I knew those were going to take up a lot of space on my page so I wanted those to go on first.  Next, I highlighted the verse I was journaling so It stood out and wouldn't get covered up.  Once the glue from the embellishments were dry, I begin adding my Shimmerz.  I used only three colors on this page that color coordinated with my banner: Meet Me @ Sunset, Can't Elope and Refresh Mint. These colors are light enough that you can still read the text of the verses under them, but dark enough that it as a fun pizzazz to the page!  ...and don't forget about the shimmer! It shows on my bible pages beautifully!  When I added these colors to my page, I placed them around the banners where they color matched each other. I just made sure the page was damp so the color would move and bled together slightly.  Once everything was dry, I added in a few phrase stickers, my title, "My Redeemer Lives!," and enamel heart stickers. Here are the close ups of my entry:

And a look at the end result again....

And here are the products I used on today's entry:

Inklingz Can't Elope
Inklingz Meet Me @ Sunset
Creameez Refresh Mint

Thanks so much for joining me today!
Don't be afraid to pull out those paints for your bible entries! They make such a beautiful impact!

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