Monday, May 29, 2017

Embellishments by Joyce

This post is primarily about creating embellishments for our projects using Shimmerz Paint products.  I thought I would share with you some of my embellishments that will be used on my upcoming Shimmerz blog posts and maybe inspire you to create some of your own.

Faux Encaustic – metal rim office tag:

My newfound go to Shimmerz product is….”Paste-eez!”  The product is dimensional and can create a lovely milky ethereal faux encaustic look without the hassle of melting bees wax.  This embellishment started with one of those white metal rim tags you find at the office supply store.  Apply some Shimmerz paint to the white part of the tag, let dry.  Apply some paint brush splatters of Shimmerz Vibez Snow Storm on top of the paint, let dry.  Affix a fussy cutting of a butterfly, let dry.  Finally, apply a coat of Paste-eez, Salt of the Earth (not too thick of a coat) with a small spatula.  The important thing to remember is to let the Paste-eez dry naturally if you want a faux encaustic appearance.  Simple and easy. Right?  Now, I want to run to the office supply store and find the smaller metal rim tags….more Paste-eez please!  Warning:  It’s addictive, and you will want to apply this product on everything.

Here’s what the embellishments look like on a finished page of my little whispers book.

Tag: Gesso; apply a little torn bit of a doily piece to one side of the tag; apply bits of fiber paper with a matte medium; using a paint brush I applied Spritz-Bamboo Leaf and Spritz-Olive Branch.

Blue Fern Studios shell chipboard

Gesso the chipboard; apply fiber paper on chipboard using a matte gel medium and dry thoroughly.

Apply a diluted application of Coloringz – Peachy Keen over chipboard, being careful to  leave small spaces of white gesso intact; then apply full strength Coloringz-Peachy Keen in valleys of the fiber paper using a small paint brush, dry each application thoroughly; apply Spritz-Taupe of the World with a very small fine paint brush in to the little valleys of the fiber paper and dry thoroughly; use a very sharp charcoal watercolor pencil in the little valleys to create depth and contrast; if the lines look too hard and harsh, apply a fine mist of water and let the products loosen  and flow, dry thoroughly; lightly go over raised areas of the chipboard with moistened Creameez-Marshallow that has been allowed to thicken so that you may use your finger to swipe some and add over the top of the raised fiber paper areas; finally apply some metallic white paste on the top raised paper areas.

Note:  Before proceeding with each application above, allow each application to dry thoroughly, otherwise you will have a muddy mess on your chipboard and the fiber paper will deteriorate.

Doesn't the Texturez -Tidy Widy make the coral in the photo below look realistic?  Love that stuff!

Watch for my June 15th design team blog post here on Shimmerz and you’ll see where these shimmery good and sumptuous chippy pieces ended up.

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