Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Aqua Huez Watercolor Background- Faith Journal Entry.

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, so it's nice to be back! I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the new releases, I am loving the new Aqua Huez. 
As soon as they arrived I couldn't wait to get into my box and get painting, I made this fun and easy background in my song journal to share with you today.

This page actually started out as a scratch pieces of paper that I was wiping my brush on as I worked on what I thought was going to be my project, however this one turned out so much prettier so I decided to go with it instead.

I ended up using every single Aqua Huez color I was sent, they are so pretty! I really like how easily they blend allowing you to create even more colors by mixing them together.

The song I chose to write about was "Your Love Still Wins" by City Harbor. I was having kind of a tough week and this song really spoke right to my heart. 

Watercolor backgrounds are some of my favorites to create and the new Aqua Huez make it so effortless, plus they're really fun to play with.
I hope you will grab your water brush and give them a try!
Have a great day everyone!

Supply List: Aqua Huez: Little Lily, Piglet, Hottie Pink, Red Hot, 1 Brick Short, 14 Carrots, Pot-O-Gold, Crazy Daisy, Leapin' Lizzard, Rockin' Robin, Blue Moon, Perfectly Purple; Illustrated Faith: Thankful Printable; Evalicious: Puffy Woodgrain Stickers.

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