Thursday, January 14, 2016

Including Invitations in your pages...

Scrapbooking is really all about memory keeping and recording... one other thing you can include in your pages are Invitations to parties, anniversaries etc. My daughter recently celebrated her 7th birthday and I thought it would be nice if she can see how her invitation looked like 
10 years from now:)

Layout on watercolour paper with Shimmerz Mists and Dazzelerz...

Shimmerz Vibez: Pop Art Pink, Jenni B. Bleu, Egg Noggin
Shimmer Coloringz: No Yoking
Shimmerz Dazzelerz: Tutti Frutti

Have you replenished your stock of Shimmerz Paints? Add my name to the comments section of your order form when you place your orders and you will get a sampler product for free.

Happy creating!!

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