Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Texturez on Black….

Hi everyone! Iris here again and this time I wanted to show you how fabulous the Shimmerz (Texturez)   looks on black chipboard….

I mixed some "Tidy Widy" Texturez with thick white gesso and spread it over a stencil on top of black chipboard. The white against the black with the beautiful textures already look great but I decided to add some more color with Coloringz "Mandarin Mai Tai" and Vibex "Hermit the Frog".

Thanks for your visit! And remember, If you guys shop at the online store, just mention my name at the INSTRUCTIONS TO MERCHANT space and you will get a FREE sample sized jar of Dazzlerz or Texturez or a full sized bottle of Dimensionz of your color choice!

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