Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout For OUAS

Hi Friends :)

Today I am sharing a layout I made for Once Upon A Sketch. As always, we have all kinds of fabulous prize. Come check us out and play alone~!

 This little dove in the picture is a poor dove my honey and I found in a public garage. She is stumbling and running into cars and walls. We saw blood on her head, so we decided that we needed to help her. Since she is not walking fast, we caught her and took her home for a night. Gave her food and water, covered her little cage with towel so it's dark there and she will feel safe. The next day we sent her to a wildlife organization so she can get treatment. The vet told us her head skin is totally separated from her head. It's the dry blood that is adhering the skin to the head.

This is not a huge event, but this really changed how I look at helping others. Just like my title, everyone needs love. Had we not caught this dove, she would have died. So now I pay more attention to my surroundings and those who need help.
I carved the square pattern stamp. You will see it in the video, it's the pink color stamp. I used prima's sunrise sunset paper for the layering. And of course, I used TONS of Shimmerz Product. I just love how Shimmerz Product makes everything so beautiful and vibrant ;)

Here is the start-to-finish video. Products used are listed in the beginning of the video.

Thank you so much for looking :))

Stay Creative <3


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