Thursday, April 24, 2014

Make your own stencils -Education Day

Lydell back with you today with a tutorial showing you how I made some stencils to use with my paints, for Project life, layouts or even cards.

They were fairly easy and just require a few designs you can dream up - for you to cut out.
    I drew many designs, and picked the ones to begin with that were fairly straight forward and not too complex.  You do get better with your handling of the blade the more you cut out, so keep that in mind before you give up.

The Plastic I used was from a box I was given,  old x-ray sheets.  But any kind of packaging or heavy transparency would be good too.  You dont want it too thin, but too thick would be harder to cut, so think about that when you are looking for material to use.  Sometimes the packaging that comes off kids toys, or even scrapbooking supplies would be good for this purpose too.

I made my stencils about 3.5 x 4.5 inches so they would cover a 3x4 Project life card.  you could try some 6x4 versions as well.  I am yet to do that.  I find I use the filler cards more often, which is why I started with this size.

So here is my video.  

So collect that plastic and draw up some designs ready to cut!
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Sandra said...

Loved watching this video Lydell, such a great idea.

Stac said...

YaY, YaY, Yay. . . I LOVE this!!!