Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hi Shimmerz fans!  Stacey here to share with you a new creation using the following gorgeous colour palette!!!!
Vibez in Jeni B Bleu and Blue Jeans
Spritz in Mango Madness and Ruby
Dimensionz in Blue Lagoon

Awww, my little baby boy.......just starting to become a little poser, he is so adorable (yes, I am biased but it's true ;) 

I always try to blend my embellishments to the Shimmerz products I used. 
Lots of flicks also with the nozzle.

The Dimensionz in Blue Lagoon fit perfectly with this colour palette and really brought out Mason's blue eyes.  I applied some in dots and also applied it more thickly and then ran a paintbrush through it to give it a dripped look.

I have applied the Vibez to the resin heart. 

I made an bow and arrow out of florist it :)

Look at the Shimmery colour when added to the patterned paper.

Hope you all enjoyed my sweet creation and have a great week ahead!
Thanks for stopping by xo


Janene said...

Heart breaker indeed. And the layout....stunning

devil jiang said...

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