Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A little bit of (freakish) fun!!!

I am sharing something my sister, Siann, made my son for his Birthday recently.
She is obviously very clever....and maybe just a little insane!!!

This little guy is from the Children's Playstation Game Little Big Planet, and he is known as Sack boy.  He is a little burlap character that you direct about the game.  He is ever so cute.

The replica my sister created is made with over 1000 pieces of paper folded 8 times each and inserted into each other creating this 3 D model.  He stands about 12 inches high.  She didnt have brown paper so she made him in white and dry brushed him with brown paint in all those little crevices......Then she spritzed him with Baby's breath Shimmeringz and brushed him with a little Snow Storm Vibez and he has pride of place on my Loungeroom cabinet.  I just love him!

Yep, that zipper pull is cardstock.

Shimmerz is not just paint! 
its finishing touches
Its details.

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Debbie L Gregory said...

Wow, this is exactly freakishly cool and so artistic. Your sister is obviously dedicated to her craft, lol. Looks very time comsuming and awesome.