Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Project life and Dimensionz

Hi there.

Lydell sharing with you today.
I have struggled with being behind in Project Life for a while now.  I am determined that I will stay in control in 2014!  So I am going to work ahead a little when I can.  Half the time, I have not sorted my photos, so I dont even start, which really has not worked for me this year.......but I thought if I do the bulk of the spread ahead of time, (ie....the FUN part!)  then I can just add my photos and the final touch embellishments/journaling,later, it may make life easier!  So here is my start!

I am using the DecemberProject Life kit from My Creative Scrapbook as my base, and to add a bit of 'oomph' I am using Shimmerz! The new Dimensionz  worked great.

Heres my spead....ready to go!

I carved a stamp out of foam, with my DH's soldering iron.  It essentially just melts a pattern into the foam.  This one is just a strip of uneven little rectangles.
I put some dimensionz on a piece of heavy plastic (a throw out palette!) and spread it out, and just dipped my stamp into it.
The black dots are a pin head stamped on my card.
Some more samples....

I added some Vertigre Vibez droplets....

 More stamping with a home made foam stamp dipped into Dimensionz....
and larger circles just added with the Dimensionz bottle nozzle.

 Using the stamp with two colours of Dimensionz......Simple yet very cool effect.

So thats my plan.  Here's hoping it keeps me up to date with Project life in 2014!

Thanks for stopping in today!

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Val Thorpe said...

This is such a cool idea. I have decided in the new year to start PL... my son is expecting twins in Feb and there will be a LOT of pics and I think this will be perfect for them all... I love your ideas and will be lifting them for sure. :D