Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shimmery watercolour backgrounds

Hello,  Lydell with you again sharing some watercolour style backgrounds.  I have been playing around with watercolouring lately and because Shimmerz Paints react well with water, I decided to use some of the Shimmerz (in pots) watercolour style.

Heres the page I created doing this.

Heres what I did to acheive this look.

First I taped off my cardstock and taped down the sheet to my cutting mat to hold it down flat
then I brushed water over the cardstock (just the taped off area)
next I used some selected Shimmerz colours.
(Shimmerz-Marigold, sunnyTickle me turquoise,pink, key lime and coal.)
I put my brush in the pot and then dabbed it onto the page letting the water take it and move it about the page.  I alternated water and paint and helped it along here and there with the brush.
I let this dry

I got Coal and added drops
then Vertigre Vibez dropletts
I blew that through a straw to get the veins on top.
I let this dry too.
Then with a white pen, I traced the watermarks with in the masked off area, separating the colours and the drips and drops.  It looks very effective!  I love the result.

Some other bits and pieces of the page.....

And I have a sweet page celebrating my little boys happy outlook!  

Thanks for stopping in today!

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