Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today is the day!!!!  After so much work, we are happy to release these 12 shimmery paints know as DIMENSIONZ.  They are super smooth and can be used as paint, but also offer a dimensional aspect to your artwork.  They can be used with stencils and masks.  They give a raised shimmery look, or a smooth satin look. . . . . it's totally up to you and your creativity.  An extra plus, is they come with screw top lids.  No drying out, no mess, no mixing.  Just point and shoot!!!

FOR A LIMITED TIME:  You can order Dimensionz here (www.shimmerzpaints.com). . . . .and when you order 11 of the colors. . . .we will include the 12th color FREE with your purchase.

(click the pictures to get a closer view)


Debbie L Gregory said...

I cant get a link on where to order. It just goes to previous post that they are coming?

Stac said...

Sorry Debbie. . . we have a small technical glitch with our website. It will be up and running in just a few minutes.

Shawn said...

I tried to order 2 of each color, plus the new texturez and new dazzlerz. It didn't give me free shipping or the 12th one free. My total came to $128.71 before shipping. I also tried to order another spritzer I think. What am I doing incorrectly. Please email me at shawneerie17@yahoo.com