Friday, June 14, 2013

A pop of Sour Apple........

Anyone for some Sour Apple Dazzlerz???  Anyone who know's my creations will know I rarely ever use the colour Red.  I was creating this piece and it just wasn't quite working for me and then out of nowhere I thought "I need something to pop off this page"!!  I looked at my photo trying to find some inspiration and I spotted the little patch of grass (or maybe it's a  just to the left of Kobi on the swing.  I then grabbed the Sour Apple Dazzlerz and it worked an absolute treat.  What do you think??
"Yes You Are So Awesome"

Here is the list of Shimmerz products used:
Dazzlerz in Sour Apple
Spritz in Licorice and Carribean Sunset
Shimmerz in Ultra Marine, Tickle Me Turquoise and Jilted Jade


I have used some transparency in here (if you look close enough) and I just love the effect it gave when I sprayed the Licorice Spritz on top of it, it didn't soak in but dried as it was sprayed!

Loads of paint flicks and love my super cute bow tie with just a smidgen of Tickle me Turquoise run along the edges.

I really love this layout and love how it turned.......even with the red!!!  I hope you enjoyed it too and have a super fun crafty weekend xo


Sandrine Dawes said...

Absolutely awesome!!! As always Stacey!

Stac said...

Love this and how you use Sour Apple Dazzlerz! Your work is so inspiring!