Monday, March 25, 2013

No Foolin' . . . April 1st Is THE Day!!!

We are so excited to announce that on April 1st, we will release our two newest Shimmerz products. AND. . . . . *** They are both a textural paste type paints. *** DAZZLERZ are smooth and incredibly shimmery and come in 10 super bright colors. *** TEXTUREZ are shimmery, but have added texture to them. They are coming in 8 rich vintage colors. *** Both products come in large 2 oz jars, so you'll have plenty of product for all those mixed media and art projects. *** DAZZLERZ and TEXTUREZ work beautifully with stencils and templates or all on their own. *** You can brush them on like paint, use a spatula to spread them on, or build them up to give AMAZING depth and texture to your projects. *** DAZZLERZ and TEXTUREZ. . . of course. . . .work beautifully with the whole Shimmerz Paints line of products.*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** If you are a Shimmerz Perkz member. . . .you will have access to DAZZLERZ and TEXTUREZ before they are actually released, so sign up for our e-newsletter and get your DAZZLERZ and TEXTUREZ before April 1st!!!

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Greta said...

Wow--I'm not familiar with these products, but they sure are beautiful! I love anything with shimmer!